The image above shows this week’s ‘Statement To Live By’ which is number 30. It is rooted in guiding principle 8, “Forgive and be forgiven, to reconcile and be reconciled.” This will give children the opportunity to ‘Experience a reconciling community.‘ 

The thirty six statements are based on nine guiding principles, rooted in our Catholic Christian Faith. They ensure that children are given opportunities to:

  1. Hear the Christian story and encounter the person of Jesus.
  1. Understand their uniqueness as made in the image and likeness of God.
  1. Experience a sense of belonging within a range of communities, including the local Eucharistic community.
  1. Know, appreciate and understand the importance of social justice.
  1. Know that our limitations are also opportunities for growth.
  1. Understand the connection (wisdom) between knowledge and living.
  1. Know that everything has the opportunity to reveal God’s presence to us i.e. to see the divine in the ordinary.
  1. Forgive and be forgiven, to reconcile and be reconciled.
  1. Experience fun, humour, imagination, creativity, play and excitement in life.

These principles are not ‘bolt-on’ but are essential to our understanding of what it means to nurture human wholeness through the distinctive Catholic Tradition. By combining these principles with appropriate educational objectives, we are able to weave together a practical and coherent resource for our children.

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