School Office

When visiting the school, your first point of call will be the front office. You will receive a warm welcome from our friendly and efficient office staff, Mrs Chalmers and Mrs Steel. They will do their best to respond to your requests although please bear in mind that the beginning and end of the day are often very busy times and you may need to be patient.


Payment Details

We require all payments sent to school (whether they are by cash or cheque) in a sealed envelope with the following clearly marked:

  • Child’s Name
  • Year
  • Amount
  • What the payment is for e.g. school meals; uniform; farm trip etc.

Payments for school meals should be in a separate envelope to other items.

Please ensure all payments of school meals are paid on the Monday or first day back of each week and please ensure that the correct amount is paid.  School meals cost £10.00 per week (£2.00 per day).  If you are unable to send the correct amount, we will endeavour to return any change in your envelope; however, this is not always possible when the majority do not send the correct amount.


Changes to Collection Arrangements

We appreciate that there will be occasions when you are unexpectedly delayed. Should this be the case, please inform the office at the earliest possible opportunity. Furthermore if there is a change to who is collecting, this must be a person known to the child. We will endeavour to pass on messages of this nature but we are unable to guarantee that this will be the case should information be received after 3:00 pm.

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