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KS2 Results 2019

Due to the changes in SATs in 2017, for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, information is now very different to that which has been historically shared. Levels have been removed and been replaced with an ‘Expected Standard’ to meet.  This standard is represented by children achieving 100+ on a scaled score. Those children who achieve 110+ are identified as working to a ‘High Standard’.  The provisional results below are what St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School achieved in 2019 and what the national results are for comparison purposes.

The PDF documents below give specific information regarding pupil premium and SEN pupils’ performances in 2017/18 at key points.

The tables below give comparable information.

This data is provisional and is correct at the time of publishing.

  School National
Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics 74.2% 65%
Average progress in reading +0.5 0.0
Average progress in writing -2.1 0.0
Average progress in mathematics -1.6 0.0
Percentage of pupils achieving a high level of attainment in reading, writing and mathematics 6.5% 10.5%
Average scaled score in reading 106 104
Average scaled score in mathematics 104 105


St Josephs R,W&M Reading Writing Maths GPS
% at expected standard 74.2% 83.9% 80.6% 80.6% 87.1%
% at high standard 6.5% 25.8% 12.9% 25.8% 54.8%
Average Scaled Score   106 N/A 104 109
Progress Score N/A +0.5 -2.1 -1.6 N/A



National R,W&M Reading Writing Maths GPS
% at expected standard 65% 73% 78% 79% 78%
% at high standard 10.5% 25.8% 20% 26.6% 35.7%
Average Scaled Score N/A


N/A 105 106
Progress Score N/A       N/A






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Further Information

You can view and compare our results with other schools below:

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