This admissions policy has been formally adopted by the governing body of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Blaydon. The governing body is the Admissions Authority and is responsible for determining the school’s admissions arrangements.

The Published Admission Number (PAN) for the school is 30.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Blaydon School serves the parishes of St Anne’s, Winlaton and St Joseph’s, Blaydon.

The Admissions Policy Criteria will be applied on an Equal Preference basis.

How and When to apply 

Applications must be made on the Gateshead Council’s common application form (CAF). All forms must be returned by the closing date set by Gateshead Council.

Late Applications 

Any applications received after the closing date will be accepted but considered only after those received by the closing date.

Download our Admissions Policy below.

Click on the link below to apply for a place in Reception Class 2019 or alternatively visit School Admissions at the Dryden Centre, Evistones Road, Low Fell, Gateshead NE9 5UR to collect a paper application form.


Consultation on Admission Arrangements for St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Blaydon for September 2020 and beyond

Gateshead Local Authority is consulting with parents, schools, diocesan bodies, Governors, local authorities and others on behalf of the Governing Body of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Croftdale Road, Blaydon, Gateshead NE21 4BG which is its own admission authority, on the changes they propose to their school admission arrangements from September 2020 and beyond.

The main changes to the policy are;

The inclusion of an additional category, which is now category 2.

Catholic Children with a Certificate of Catholic Practice who are resident in the parishes of St Anne’s, Winlaton and St Joseph’s, Blaydon.

The inclusion of an additional note, now note 4, which defines the ‘Certificate of Catholic Practice’ and clarifies how these are issued.

The draft policy is below

St Joseph’s Blaydon Admission Policy 2020-21 for consultation

Please send any comments on these proposals to Jackie Soulsby by the 8th December 2018.

Jackie Soulsby,

School Organisation and Admissions Assistant,

Education Support Service,

Care, Wellbeing and Learning

Tel: 0191 433 2756 Fax: 0191 433 8574
Dryden Centre, Evistones Road, Low Fell, Gateshead. NE9 5UR



Reception 2019 Admissions Timeline

The closing date for returning applications is 15 January 2018. Any paper application form received by Gateshead’s School Admissions Team after this date will be classed as late. Parents that apply online will have until midnight on Friday 15 January 2018 to submit their application.

10 September 2018 Information available on council’s website, online system opens for parents to apply online
15 January 2019 Closing date for submitting applications
16 April 2019 Offer letters sent to parents
30 April 2019 Parents must accept places by this date
10 May 2019 Any vacancies arising will be offered from the waiting list
June/July 2019 Appeals heard


For admission to school other than Reception Class 2019, please contact Gateshead School Admissions on 0191 433 3000.

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