School Uniform

Our Uniform has been chosen for its practicality and availability.

Our uniform is a dark grey skirt or trousers, a red sweatshirt or cardigan and either a red or a white polo shirt.

We ask the children to wear shoes for school and not trainers.  Jewellery cannot be worn for Health and Safety reasons.

We expect all children to come to school in full uniform and have sensible and tidy haircuts.  The school does not permit children to have ‘extreme’ haircuts that could draw attention to them or serve as a distraction to other children.

Hairstyles and haircuts which are deemed to be extreme such as, tramlines, patterns, dyed hair and Mohican cuts are not permitted.  Hair that is shaven at the back and sides and long on the top is also considered to be an extreme hairstyle.

Hair accessories should be functional and discreet.  Ribbons, bows, hair bands and slides should be small and simple in style.  Large hair accessories are not permitted.

If as a school, we feel a hairstyle is unsuitable we will ask for this to be rectified.


For PE children wear black or navy shorts and a white top.  We ask parents to provide sports shoes, shorts and t-shirt in a drawstring bag available for their child’s PE lessons.  (No Bermuda shorts or cycling shorts).

Ordering  Uniform

Uniform may be ordered online throughout the year from either Mick Martin based at Swalwell or Emblematic at Longbenton.  Deliveries are direct to your house or if ordered through Mick Martin’s may be collected from the shop at Swalwell.




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